Transcend EP

by Subversion

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The Transcend EP features the redux versions of 2 "Lest We Forget" album tracks from back in 2010.

Also featured is 2 teasers of what is to come from the new album this coming year.

Press Quote:

"Juddering tech metal blends in with the kind of soaring melodies built for arenas to create a sound that is both wall-shakingly heavy and infectiously melodic. Nailing both ends of the metal spectrum, Subversion do serious damage when they get heavy but manage to still get you reaching for the lighter as they reel it in a bit" -


released December 23, 2013

*Featuring lead vocals from Karl Harrigan.



all rights reserved


Subversion London, UK

Utilising hard hitting frontmanship from Jay Shields, Kai’s soaring hook filled clean vocals, guitar riffs that sway from heavy groove to epic melody, and the laser tight percussion of Ben Atkinson; Subversion like to dabble in the arts of odd time signatures spliced with huge thought inducing soundscapes. ... more

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Track Name: Butchered (Redux)

I owe my life
Were in denial

One thing, is always on my mind
Relaxing, impossible it dawns
We fear the very foundations of our existence

Even though the will has gone
It’s pointless; give me a reason to stay
The fight for life is near. I find a path
Give me a reason to stay

Three choices choice one,
Do we take the shit you give?
Choice two, leave you rotting here
Choice three is worthless

I never wanted to be the one
I always thought I could carry on my life
Living it alone, never making waves

Two things I want to leave behind;
The world’s selfish point of view
The world’s ignorance of our past existence

Even though the will has gone
It’s pointless; give me a reason to stay
The fight for life is near. I find a path
Give me a reason to stay

I will never find my way
But I will always stand here brave
Track Name: What We Are Entitled (Redux)
What We Are Entitled

I will be the one to tell you the fine line
I will be the one to say “pleading insane”

Why were the wisest of us forced to regret
Why in such a time of need?
Bleed and let it go

Caught in the crossfire
The end of a Dynasty
For our family we try
We fight for a false ideal, we cry
Wait for me, overlook my failures
Glorify murder

One last time for me
I do this for us
I fight for what we are
One man alive can cause such change
My devotion for what we believe to be right

Today and always
We blame our sins

Oh the risk was high, but we pushed hard
And now we lye, here amongst the dead
And now we see, that were alone
And now we see, the truth that

I regret the risks I take
Wait for me, overlook my blind days
Track Name: Revelation

My feet does touch the ground
The dirt feels warm and dry
Listen to me when I tell you the outcome
To find my way beyond this maze
Over and over humanity lies

Form an answer
Designate the free
I'm just a shade,
A fragment of the man I was

See these eyes? They look upon a lifeless sky
Everything has passed,

You and I will now realise that it came to me in a dream
Leave in silence, do not pass the blame
All eyes, focus on the stars
Shooting heaven, fallen angel

I have now forgotten the lecture
I have to take whatever blow I'm dealt
Clench my fists and reconstruct your face

One more time in this life
I am pariah, held lower
This is not the path I chose myself

Yet I walk this road alone my core is stone
Like the earth I'm spared from thought and heart,
Taken for granted I've seen this story in a dream
We breed in violence, thrive on others shame
Sore eyes see nothing past the lies
Your world is holographic, and unkind
Its driving me insane
A fragment of the man I once was
Track Name: Novation

This is the way it’s meant to be
my decision to free my soul
believe in yourself when all those around you have proved themselves hollow
I've seen it and breathed it and I cannot stay here no more
we parted and we are now free

You seek comfort and solace
and you long for their arms around you
you can only see, what you want to see
free your eyes from this pain and tyranny

I fled in silence, as I built up my stubborn defences
against all advice.
Lost my site, my direction and free will

What’s happening to me?
Why can’t I recognise what i am
I'm the monster that's killing my world

Break? for all that was sacred
for all of the love that we gave it
We Scream

If you birth it then why would you leave it alone
as you're watching it burn do you feel t he pain?
if you left it then start to believe it you fool
as you're watching it drown do you feel no shame

Break dreams and bones all the same as
break hearts and skulls like they're nothing
you save this land for your children
you’re not a hero

I promised myself no shame
a lacklustre being
I kept on missing the point oh
my eyes stare in to the sky as i decide to walk away

For god’s sake pull yourself together, you see
because now it is now or never
you messed up, you fucked up it goes to show that brothers are here forever

And if i can’t find a way to contain myself
I'll bleed my heart out, just bleed my heart out
and if i never find a way, away from feeling
cold without a doubt, screaming my god damn lungs out

I will scream my god damn lungs out
this is the way it’s meant to be

Feeding you all the thoughts inside my head, but they were all wrong
remember the last things that I said? a lack of control
Do you feel no shame?

I wanted to find a way to the end
I wanted to pull myself from the sand
and everything comes together and our dreams will meld to form a new horizon

believe me when i say
I regret all the past, the years that I wasted
regret all the lives I tore apart in the name of love
how could I be so cold?
My mind was clouded by your imperfect dream

Do you feel no shame?